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When do we change spark plugs?

The service life of the spark plug depends on the type of spark plug used, from approximately 30,000km for HELLA Energy plug up to 100,000km for HELLA Iridium Plus. It is also recommended that you follow the replacement interval listed in your vehicle owner's manual.

Spark plug service life cannot be guaranteed because the performance of the spark plug is dependent on several varying factors. These factors include driving habits, type of fuels leading to varying amount of corrosive substances in the cylinders, differences in the tolerance or accuracy of various components including sensors in each engine system and the overall performance of the engine itself.

A general guideline is to inspect the spark plugs when you send your car for a thorough servicing each year. If you experience frequent engine knocking with a significant drop in fuel economy, it could mean that it is time to replace your spark plug.

Installation Guide:

1. As always, check the car manually to see what is the plug type indicated. Typically, the car manufacturer states the engine type and plug type in the manual.

2. Allow the car engine to cool down.

3. Use the plug specification as recommended by the engine manual.

4.Remove and install one plug at a time to avoid connecting the wrong cable to the wrong plug. This is critical as each plug is fired at a specific timing sequence set by the car manufacturer.

5. Before removing the existing plug from each cylinder, gently brush off any debris around the plug to prevent dirt from getting into the cylinder during removal of the plug.

6. Use a torque wrench to fasten the plug into the cylinder.

7. Apply the correct torque value accordingly as indicated in the table below. These torque values should only apply to new plugs without lubricant on the thread. If the thread is already lubricated, the torque value should be reduced by one third.

Spark Plug Type

8. Ensure wrench and plug are coaxial.

9. Connect the spark plug cable to the terminal at the top of the plug securely and remove on to the next plug, repeating the entire process again.

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